Events for you to enjoy

Events for you to enjoy

Snapping South Ribble?

Our travel has been very restricted over the past year so holiday photos of exotic scenery and postcards from far away places have been in short supply. But every cloud has a silver lining and many of us have taken the opportunity to get to know our home area a little better, so here’s a chance to show the world what you love about your bit of Lancashire in our new photography competition……

A Postcard from South Ribble

South Ribble Rotary Club, with South Ribble Borough Council and in conjunction with Wilkinson Cameras, is proud to present a fantastic opportunity for all you photo snappers to share your favourite pics of our area – and there are PRIZES to be won. For details of the competition and how to enter click HERE

Our next South Ribble Garden Competition will be in 2022. Details will be posted here next spring.

Opportunities for Volunteers

We are calling on all to volunteer some of your valuable time to support one of a number of projects in our local community. Projects such as:

  • Helping with a chat line for Lancashire Carers who need advice, emotional support or just someone to chat to, as being a full time carer can be very lonely. This Chat Line is provided by an excellent charity specialising in support to NW adult Carers called N-Compass.
  • Helping at food banks or helping the mental health charity Mind.
  • If you have a project in mind, or are involved in one, that needs extra resources, expertise or cash, let us know as we in Rotary may be able to help.
  • We are considering organising a clean-up of South Ribble in particular organising litter clearing teams. With the pandemic many more are walking in our parks and country areas in South Ribble and the litter is now in many areas quite awful. It not only is unsightly and unhealthy but can lead to pollution of rivers and ultimately the sea. If you would like to join a group please use the Contact Us page or see below for an email address.
  • We are considering tree planting. South Ribble Borough Council have a very ambitious tree planting target and more sites are needed and people to plant the trees too. If you can help with either of these please use the Contact Us page to get in touch or the email address below.

To volunteer or enquire about any of these opportunities email

and we will get back to you within 24 hours.