Events for you to enjoy

Events for you to enjoy

We are launching two opportunities now in late November:

Audience with Santa

We are offering young children an amazing opportunity to have an on-line chat with a real Santa via Zoom or Microsoft Teams about their hopes for Christmas, and in particular what presents they would like from Santa. To find out more and access the booking form CLICK HERE

Sad Santa – but you can help!

For well over 30 years, the Rotary Club of South Ribble’s Sleigh has taken Santa round the streets of South Ribble and to local supermarkets, delighting children and parents and at the same time collecting much needed funds for children’s charities from the kind and generous residents of the area. 

Sadly, despite strenuous efforts to devise ways to operate the Sleigh safely for the public and for Santa’s helpers and following consultations with the supermarkets, we have very reluctantly reached the conclusion that under the current Coronavirus restrictions our Sleigh cannot bring Santa to see you this year.

Unfortunately this means that we will have less money this year to donate to children’s charities which are already suffering from loss of revenues through Coronavirus, at a time when their work is more vital than ever.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP by making a donation to our Trust Fund please CLICK HERE

Opportunities for NHS Volunteers

We are calling on all to volunteer some of your valuable time to support one of a number of projects in our local community. Projects such as:

  • Helping with a chat line for Lancashire Carers who need advice, emotional support or just someone to chat to, as being a full time carer can be very lonely. This Chat Line is provided by an excellent charity specialising in support to NW Carers called N-Compass.
  • Helping at food banks or helping the mental health charity Mind.
  • If you have a project in mind, or are involved in one, that needs extra resources, expertise or cash, let us know as we in Rotary may be able to help.

To volunteer or enquire about any of these opportunities email

and we will get back to you within 24 hours.