An Audience with Santa

An Audience with Santa

Just before Christmas, for the last 30 years, we, the Rotary Club of South Ribble, have guided Santa on his sleigh through the streets of South Ribble and looked after him outside the big superstores to bring you some Christmas cheer and to enable him to meet your children and ask what they want for Christmas.

At the same time, we have collected large sums of money from the very generous local people of South Ribble, Leyland and Chorley and donated it to several very deserving local children’s charities.

Santa loves the opportunity to chat with your children but this year has to do it by an on-line video call to ensure that everyone stays safe from Covid19. Santa is looking forward to the opportunity this year just as in previous years.

Santa will be safe in his Grotto, dressed in his traditional cold weather outfit and will be looked after by an Elf who understands the Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms we are using.

All donations from booking chats with Santa will go to local children’s charities such as the wonderful Derian House Children’s Hospice near Chorley that looks after children with life limiting conditions and helps them have as fulfilled a life as possible.

You can book here to reserve an audience with Santa for your child, or up to three children, for audiences from Monday 14 December to Wednesday 23 December.

There are three easy steps to make a booking and all are accessible from this website where you are now:

  1. Reserve a time slot of 15 minutes in which you will have Santa’s exclusive company for between 5 and 10 minutes.
  2. Complete a booking form giving your contact and the children’s details.
  3. Make a donation of a minimum of £5 for one child, or £10 for two or three children.

And its done!! Easy!! Your child or children have booked a chat with Santa.

An email confirmation will be sent immediately to your email address from the first stage and the third stage and then, within 48 hours, we in Rotary will confirm the whole booking by email.

Simple Terms and Conditions apply and these will be available to read before you reach the donations page.

If you want to book please click here:  Book Now