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Audience with Santa

In the run up to Christmas, we offered young children the opportunity to have an on-line chat with a “real” Santa via Zoom or Microsoft Teams about their hopes for Christmas. We had an amazing response to this as far more families took up the offer than we expected. Thanks to all those who took part.

We had some great feedback such as:

“The girls loved it and made us all feel festive. …. the call was brilliant.” Laura

“…..the kids really enjoyed their chat and are even MORE excited for Christmas than they were before!  Great effort, thank you.”  Anna

“From all of the children and staff at Kingsfold – thank you so much.” Mrs Tierney, Headteacher, Kingsfold Primary School

Sad Santa? …..but you can help!

“Audience with Santa” raised a great deal for local children’s charities but sadly, Covid-19 issues meant we could not operate the extensive Santa’s Sleigh visits to South Ribble residential areas and supermarkets which we have been doing for well over 30 years. A great team led by Penwortham firemen borrowed our Sleigh one Saturday and took Santa on a tour round the streets of Penwortham raising a fantastic amount for children’s charities, but even so the amount raised by the “Audience” and Sleigh was only a fraction of the totals in previous years. Unfortunately this means that we will have less money this year to donate to children’s charities which are already suffering from loss of revenues through Coronavirus, at a time when their work is more vital than ever.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP – please make a donation to our Trust Fund

During the pandemic our club members have been meeting via Zoom, sharing funny videos and photos via WhatsApp, emailing and phoning each other more than usual. We just look forward to the day when we can all physically meet again.

We also have produced and circulated Newsletters to members and friends of our club once per fortnight and you can view some past newsletters here: (Please note that Club announcements in Newsletters may have been overtaken by subsequent events and details should be confirmed elsewhere.)

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In late March 2020 we arranged for 300 bags of sweets to be supplied to Age Concern Central Lancashire to be added to many other items forming a ‘Welfare Pack’. These were delivered to elderly people over 70 in Central Lancashire – the Preston and Leyland areas – who live on their own, or are in a care home or refuge of some sort, etc.

Jack of Age Concern receiving the bags of sweets from President’s wife Carole Lea


In early May 2020 we delivered a donation to Leyland Food Bank for them to buy food for those who need support during the lock down in Leyland. Many have lost their jobs or have no or little income for other reasons. Some are elderly living alone or are disabled, and volunteer drivers deliver food bags to these people.

There are bins in all local supermarkets for people to donate food and they particularly need meat and pasta. To read a message from Leyland Food bank click here. The local community donate huge amounts of food in various ways but it is not enough so the bank buys food at discount prices from Morrison’s and Tesco’s in Leyland as well as wholesalers.

Celia, who runs the Food Bank, and our Vice-President Tony packing food bags at Leyland Food Bank.


In early May 2020 we delivered a donation to Penwortham Food Bank operated from Kingsfold Community Centre, Kingsfold Drive, PR1 9EQ. This food bank, like Leyland, is run by volunteers from the Penwortham Churches – in particular the Methodist Church on Leyland Road, and needs food donations and money to buy food in the same way, especially during this pandemic.

President Richard packing food parcels at Penwortham


In early May 2020 we delivered a donation to Tippy Toes Baby Bank which operates during this lockdown from the founder’s home in Penwortham. Sue Wade created the charity to help local families who are struggling to meet the costs of a new baby with equipment – prams, cots, etc – as well as nappies, follow-on milk, wipes. During this lockdown the demand has hugely increased due to mothers and/or their partners losing their income or a good proportion of it.

The charity accepts donations at several places or direct to Sue.

Many leave donations on Sue’s doorstep!